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A collection of historical and contemporary photographs, maps, documents, and records focused on the Columbia River Basin.
Booklet developed by Metro which lists native plants, including some ground covers, that are encouraged to plant in Willamette Valley yards.
List of invertebrates in Willamette Valley wetlands created by The Xerces Society.
Summarizes results from an alternative futures analysis conducted in the Willamette River Basin in western Oregon. Alternative futures analysis...
Willamette River Basin Atlas: Trajectories of Environmental and Ecological Change David Hulse, Stan Gregory and Joan Baker For The Pacific Northwest...
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife "one-page flyers designed for public outreach that provide an overview of strategy habitats, strategy species...
An introduction to habitats in the Willamette River Basin. 2002.
An historical and geographic description of the Willamette River and its watershed.
Subbasin plan amendment recommendation prepared for the Northwest Power and Conservation Council.
A Landowner's guide for restoring oak woodlands, wetlands, prairies, and bottomland hardwood and riparian forests. By Bruce H. Campbell,...