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  1. Distribution of bioavailable metals and a human health risk assessment from fish and crayfish in the lower Willamette River,...

  2. Willamette National Forest dispatch system : place name guide

    Gerald W. Williams Collection

  3. Choices for the future: The Willamette Valley

    Prepared for by the Willamette Valley Livability Forum. May 1999.

  4. River of no Return: The Willamette Regenerates

    Brief article takes a look at the history and possible future of the Willamette River, with special focus on controlling pollution, restoration, and activities of groups like Willamette Riverkeeper.

  5. Late Quaternary sedimentation and geologic history of the North Willamette Valley, Oregon

    Late Quaternary sediments in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, include a unit of chiefly silt and fine sand, the Willamette Silt Formation. Previous workers have (1) Assigned the Willamette Silt different ages...

  6. A Place for nature : Willamette basin habitat conservation priorities

    An introduction to habitats in the Willamette River Basin.

  7. A survey of the Douglas fir pole and piling industry in the Willamette Valley

  8. An investigation of the effects of partial cutting of Douglas fir on a farm woodlot in the Willamette Valley

  9. An eleven year study of nitrate leaching in vegetable production with winter cover crops

  10. A physical inventory of streams in the Upper Willamette Watershed above the confluence of middle and coast forks of...

    Dimensions of paper map: 37" x 37.5".