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  1. Choices for the future: The Willamette Valley

    Prepared for by the Willamette Valley Livability Forum. May 1999.

  2. The Willamette Valley: choices for the future : prepared for Willamette Valley Environmental Protection & Development...


    Willamette Valley Environmental Protection and Development Planning Council includes the State of Oregon, Columbia Region Association of Governments, Mid Willamette Valley Council of Governments, District Four...

  3. The Willamette Valley choices for the future

    Illustrated scenarios showing consequences of alternative approaches to development in the valley for the next thirty years.

  4. A survey of the Douglas fir pole and piling industry in the Willamette Valley

  5. An investigation of the effects of partial cutting of Douglas fir on a farm woodlot in the Willamette Valley

  6. Exploring Prehistoric Salmon Subsistence in the Willamette Valley using Zooarchaeological Records and Optimal Foraging Theory

    My research examines the prehistoric subsistence of native peoples of the Willamette Valley, Oregon through an analysis of the regional zooarchaeological records, and then modeling regional diet breadth....

  7. Native wetland, riparian, and upland plant communities and their biota in the Willamette Valley, Oregon

    As part of the Willamette Basin Geographic Initiative Program, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funded The Nature Conservancy of Oregon to inventory, classify, and map native wetland and riparian plant...

  8. Subsistence variability in the Willamette Valley

    During the summer of 1981, Oregon State University

  9. Willamette Valley Field and Slash Burning Impact Air Quality Surveillance Program: project design and administration


    "Field burning report"--Cover.

  10. Aircraft air quality monitoring for the Willamette Valley Field and Slash Burning Impact Program: final report


    "Submitted to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Monitoring and Support Laboratory, Las Vegas, Nevada."