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  1. Gales Creek Watershed Assessment Project

    Abstract -- This document is the Gales Creek Watershed Assessment Report prepared for the

  2. Water wheel


    Small water wheel in Gales Creek, tributary to the Tualatin River, above town of Gales Creek, Oregon; used to operate small water pump; 1940-09-19 From Album 1 page 40

  3. Small water wheel


    Small water wheel in Gales Creek above the town of Gales Creek, Oregon It was used to operate a small water pump; 1940-09-19

  4. Group photo at Soda Spings, Gales Creek, Oregon

  5. "Gales Creek farms attain 'Century' designation"


    "Gales Creek farms attain 'Century' designation", News-Times, August 14, 1985

  6. Dam and fish ladder near Glenwood


    Consolidated Lumber Company's dam and fish ladder near Glenwood, Oregon, on Gales Creek, a tributary of the Tualatin River; 1940-09-21

  7. Lumber mill dam


    Lumber mill dam on Gales Creek, a tributary of the Tualatin River The Consolidated Lumber Company dam is located above the town of Glenwood; 1940-09-21

  8. Down by the creek : understanding landowner perspectives on streamside health and management

    Both policy makers and private landowners have come to recognize the

  9. Municipal Water Impacts on Steelhead Trout in the Gales Creek Watershed

    Graduation date: 2016

  10. Calibration and verification of HSPF model for Tualatin River Basin Water Quality

    The Tualatin River Basin is located in the Washington