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  1. Mary's River


    Title:"Mary's River". Trees by river.

  2. Marys River Watershed restoration planning by using a multiple-objective decision-support tool, RESTORE

  3. Effects of the white man's settlement on wild animals in the Mary's River Valley

  4. Supplement to the Marys River Watershed preliminary analysis

    98 pp. Tables, figures, maps, references, appendices.

  5. Marys River (?)

  6. Mary's River Watershed Suspended Sediment Characterization Project

    Abstract -- This stream turbidity and suspended mineralogy study was made during two winter seasons - 1998/99 and 1999/2000. Turbidity monitoring was performed in 30 locations within the 24 sub-watersheds of...

  7. A suggested outline and procedure for making a sanitary stream survey with particular reference to Mary's River of Oregon

  8. OAC cadets posing on a temporary bridge across the Marys River


    Cadets pose after constructing a temporary bridge across the Marys River, ca. 1920. The proximity of the Marys River to the OAC campus made it a suitable location for this type of military exercise. The more...

  9. Photographer (perhaps John Fulton) and his assistant (?) posing with their equipment adjacent to the Marys River, circa 1892


    This photograph was probably taken close to where the Marys River flows into the Willamette River. It is likely that Emile Pernot and John Fulton were photographing each other.

  10. Temperature Monitoring and Modeling of the Mary's River Watershed

    Abstract -- Stream temperatures were monitored at 42 sites in the summer of 1998 and at 26 sites in the summer of 1999 throughout the Mary's River watershed. Segments of streams were identified where reduced...