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People and Communities

Topics discussing the changes and challenges facing communities in Oregon. Learn how forces within and outside communities influence outcomes.

Oregon’s economy has diverse sectors and a long history in natural resources. Learn how employment, income, and other factors influence local economies.

Agencies, local groups, and institutions throughout Oregon offer educational programs about Oregon’s diverse natural resources and ecosystems.

Natural hazards refers to atmospheric, hydrologic, geologic, and wildfire phenomena that have the potential to affect humans, their structures, or their activities adversely.

Individual health and that of communities is influenced by a host of personal and contextual factors. Learn about trends and influences on health.

One of the keys to understanding changes in rural communities and their resilience is knowing about the dynamics of the influential underlying social structures.

Developing regional solutions from Cascade Head to Cape Perpetua to provide adequate water supplies for water systems and local industry, while providing adequate flows and water quality for fish, wildlife, and our environment.

Oak Creek descends nearly 2000 feet from its timbered headwaters through residential, farm and conservation lands, into the urban reach in Corvallis and its confluence with the Marys River. The Network exists to care for this special place where we live, work and play.

Information about race and ethnicity show the diversity of communities and the extent of isolation experienced by various groups.

Information to help local residents and policymakers make decisions about rural communities including vitality and changes in Oregon's communities.