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  1. WWF Experiences in Responsible Aquaculture

  2. Mapping Collaboration Networks in European Aquaculture and Fisheries Research

    Research Paper

  3. The development and prospect of the aquaculture in Asia

    Research Paper

  4. Benefits From R&D and Spill-Overs in Aquaculture: An Eu-15 Modelling Approach

    Aquaculture is increasingly important for the future supply of fish because of steadily increasing demand while supply from fisheries is stagnating. In the EU aquaculture production has grown strongly in some...

  5. A Report on the Oecd Workshop on Advancing the Aquaculture Agenda: Policies to Ensure A Sustainable Aquaculture Sector

    The aquaculture sector is uniquely placed to complement production from the stagnating capture fisheries sector and it has advantages in terms of controllable production characteristics. However, aquaculture...

  6. Filling the Gap - Namibia's Aquaculture

    Abstract only.

  7. The Emerging Dominance of Aquaculture: Implications for Trade and Management

    IIFET 2008 Vietnam keynote presentation by Professor James L. Anderson from the University of Rhode Island, USA.

  8. Food Security Through Aquaculture Development: Lessons From Bangladesh and Malawi

    Abstract only.

  9. Lobster Aquaculture in Vietnam

    Abstract only.

  10. Marine Aquaculture in Indonesia: The present and future development

    Research Paper