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  1. Integrating land use planning & biodiversity

    Bounding coordinates: West Bounding Coordinate: -130; East Bounding Coordinate: -64; North Bounding Coordinate: 50; South Bounding Coordinate: 24.

  2. Toward a Positive Feedback between Fish Abundance and Dense Forest to Enhance Biodiversity: Responsible Fisheries from a...

    Research Paper

  3. Effects of scale properties on biodiversity mapping in Oregon

    The effect of scale is an important concern in mapping of biodiversity. Scale issues include the grid cell size used for analysis and the effect of the extent and internal boundaries. Because biodiversity...

  4. General management principles and a checklist of strategies to guide forest biodiversity conservation

    Many indicators and criteria have been proposed to assess the sustainable management of

  5. Economic Incentives For Wetland Biodiversity and Fish Conservation: The Case of Chalan Beel (Wetland)

    This is a research paper originally presented at the conference as a poster.

  6. 4 Inches of Living Soil: Teaching Biodiversity in the Learning Gardens–A photo-essay

    In Learning Gardens and Sustainability Education: Bringing Life to Schools and Schools to Life, Williams and Brown (2011) place living soil at the center of the discourse on sustainability education. One of the...

  7. Decision support systems for forest biodiversity management : a review of tools and an analytical-deliberative framework for...

    The complexity of forest management has increased with the scope of resources of concern and the level of scrutiny from stakeholders. The design and use of specialized computer software, often referred to as...

  8. How Might Ecologists Make the World Safe for Biodiversity Without Getting Fired?

    This essay raises the following questions: What if conservation success depends less on speaking truth to power than on organizing a political force that can bring more pressure to bear on decision makers than...

  9. How is biodiversity affected by cheatgrass invasion : a preliminary survey of terrestrial arthropods

    Poster from 2006 Cascades student poster session.

  10. The Sociology of Landowner Interest in Restoring Fire-adapted, Biodiverse Habitats in the Wildland-Urban Interface Of...

    In many parts of the world, the combined effects of wildfire, climate change, and population growth in the wildland-urban interface pose increasing risks to both people and biodiversity. These risks are...