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  1. Biodiversity Conservation: The Key Is Reducing Meat Consumption

    Access to this item has been restricted by repository administrators at the request of the publisher, Elsevier, until July 29, 2017.

  2. AlbertDennisHorticultureBiomassHarvestInvasiveTypha.pdf

  3. AlbertDennisHorticultureBiomassHarvestInvasiveTypha(SupplementaryTables1-2).pdf

  4. Biodiversity of Inland Waters' Workshop

  5. Statement of the 8th session of the global biodiversity forum

  6. Final Coastal Lakes Aquatic Plant Survey Report

    Invasive, non-indigenous plants can degrade water quality and fish habitat when they invade lakes, ponds, and streams. Changes in plant community architecture in lakes due to invasion by canopy-forming invasive...

  7. A Virtual Visit to a Sustainable 2050

    The article describes the situation in a virtual, sustainable world in 2050. Observations include stable global human population at 8 billion people, slightly decreasing material throughput of local and global...

  8. How Defining Planetary Boundaries Can Transform Our Approach to Growth

    The article focuses on the importance to identify safe boundaries based on the fundamental characteristics of our planet to address the growing threats of climate change. It highlights the rapid transition of...

  9. Fishermen's Values Concerning the Queen Conch and Lobster in Boca de Yuma, East National Park, Dominican Republic

    Research Paper

  10. Patterns and Variation in Benthic Biodiversity in a Large Marine Ecosystem

    Supporting information can be located at: