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  1. The Evolution Fish Biodiversity: A Time Series Aproach

    Abstract only.

  2. Biodiversity: Connecting with the Tapestry of Life

    Biodiversity is the extraordinary variety of life on Earth – from genes and species to ecosystems and the valuable functions they perform. E.O. Wilson, the noted biologist and author who coined the term...

  3. Heirarachial framework for conserving biodiversity


  4. Estimating Watershed Biodiversity: An Empirical Study of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, USA

    There has been increasing demand for rigorous methods for evaluating biodiversity, one of the ecosystem services that sustains and fulfills human life. After carefully examining the literature, we found three...

  5. Green Roofs and Urban Biodiversity: Their Role as Invertebrate Habitat and the Effect of Design on Beetle Community

    With over half the world's population now living in cities, urban areas represent one of earth's few ecosystems that are increasing in extent, and are sites of altered biogeochemical cycles, habitat...

  6. Global Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

    Habitat destruction has driven much of the current biodiversity extinction crisis, and it compromises the essential benefits, or ecosystem services, that humans derive from functioning ecosystems. Securing both...

  7. Biodiversity : illustrations of some concepts, causes, and consequences

  8. Biodiversity of river Ganga (India): An Environmental Economist Perspective

    Abstract only.

  9. Food Sovereignty: An Alternative Paradigm for Poverty Reduction and Biodiversity Conservation in Latin America

    Strong feedback between global biodiversity loss and persistent, extreme rural poverty are major challenges in the face of concurrent food, energy, and environmental crises. This paper examines the role of...

  10. Green Roofs Support a Wide Diversity of Collembola in Urban Portland, Oregon

    Green roofs can help address habitat loss in urban areas by supporting plant and animal communities. To determine whether green roofs can support collembola biodiversity, we collected pitfall samples from...