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  1. Estimating Watershed Biodiversity: An Empirical Study of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, USA

    There has been increasing demand for rigorous methods for evaluating biodiversity, one of the ecosystem services that sustains and fulfills human life. After carefully examining the literature, we found three...

  2. Global Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

    Habitat destruction has driven much of the current biodiversity extinction crisis, and it compromises the essential benefits, or ecosystem services, that humans derive from functioning ecosystems. Securing both...

  3. A Virtual Visit to a Sustainable 2050

    The article describes the situation in a virtual, sustainable world in 2050. Observations include stable global human population at 8 billion people, slightly decreasing material throughput of local and global...

  4. How Defining Planetary Boundaries Can Transform Our Approach to Growth

    The article focuses on the importance to identify safe boundaries based on the fundamental characteristics of our planet to address the growing threats of climate change. It highlights the rapid transition of...

  5. Fisheries and the Coastal Marine and Island Biodiversity of the Eritrean Red Rea

    No poster available.

  6. Methodology for Measuring Environmental Efficiency in Aquaculture

    Extended abstract.

  7. A Bio-Economic Model for the Viable Managementof the Coastal Fishery in French Guyana

    The coastal fishery in French Guyana is a challenging case study for the implementation of the ecosystem based fishery management. Although the current situation of this small scale fishery could be considered...

  8. Globalization and the Sustainability of Human Health: An ecological perspective

    The last half-century has seen momentous and accelerating changes in humankind's economic activities, political relations, and social and demographic profile. A prominent feature of this change is the...

  9. Linking Ecology and Economics for Ecosystem Management

    This article outlines an approach, based on ecosystem services, for assessing the trade-offs inherent in managing humans embedded in ecological systems. Evaluating these trade-offs requires an understanding of...

  10. Economics of REDD+ and Community Forestry

    Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) is a payment for ecosystem services (PES) system created under the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) that tries to reduce...