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  1. Regional biodiversity monitoring partnership workshop : final report

    The Biodiversity Monitoring Workgroup (Appendix 1)—which consists of federal, state, university, NGO’s, and private landowner stakeholders who are involved in aspects of monitoring biodiversity in the...

  2. The Evolution Fish Biodiversity: A Time Series Aproach

    Abstract only.

  3. A Regional Biodiversity Monitoring Framework

    A draft monitoring framework that identifies the pieces of a technical plan for biodiversity monitoring, collaboration, and information sharing. The draft sets out to define some general parameters that will...

  4. Mental and biophysical terrains of biodiversity : conservation of oak woodland on family forest

    This research analyzes how family forest owners conceptualize biodiversity in one high-conservation value area of oak woodland in the Willamette Valley of Western Oregon. Oregon white oak (Quercus garyanna)...

  5. Heirarachial framework for conserving biodiversity


  6. Biodiversity Conservation in a Game Theoretic Model of a Fishery

    This paper proposes a game theoretic modeling framework for the assessment of the trade-off between economic

  7. Economic incentives for the conservation of biodiversity with multiple decision-makers

    This thesis investigates the incentives for the conservation of biodiversity with

  8. Tradeoffs associated with managing forested landscapes for multiple-uses

    This study focuses on the tradeoffs that exist for managing forested landscapes for biodiversity and timber production. Tradeoff evaluation is important to natural resource managers so they can understand the...

  9. Biodiversity : illustrations of some concepts, causes, and consequences

  10. Biological diversity and third world development : a study of the transformation of an ecological concept into natural...

    This work examined the transformation of the concept of biodiversity into natural resource policies of the U.S. Agency for International Development and the World Bank through 1988. The study identified several...