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  1. Bird-vegetation relationships across ten years after thinning in young thinned and unthinned Douglas-fir forests

    Bird-vegetation associations are a base for bird conservation and management, as well as for predictions of the effects of resource management and climate change on wildlife populations. A recent shift in...

  2. Birds of Hudson Loop on Newton Hill, Lincoln County, Oregon

    Janet Lamberson noted the presence of birds around her home

  3. Renting houses for songs


    Manuscript of "Renting houses for songs." The document explores the unintentional restructuring of habitats for birds. With additional people purchasing land that previously housed birds, the birds are finding...

  4. Banding waterfowl


    Manuscript that reveals the previously held belief that all birds migrate south. Through tracking the banded birds, it was discovered that birds seek the areas where food is abundant, regardless of direction....

  5. Banding birds


    A manuscript that advocates the practice of bird banding in order to learn about their migration patterns and behaviors. The author gives several examples of birds who have been banded. Some of the birds...

  6. Observation of birds at a pond near Sunnyside


    Manuscript in which the author describes his enthusiasm for bird watching and using that activity to educate oneself on aviary wildlife. The manuscript discusses a pond near Sunnyside and the birds he has...

  7. Effect of dietary fatty acids, time of feeding and immune response in poultry

    In the presence of internal or external stressors, the body requires sources of energy that aide cells to combat inflammation. Fatty acids are an important source of energy and are vital components of cell...

  8. Multi-scale relationships between aspen and birds in the northern Yellowstone ecosystem

    I conducted a multi-scale evaluation of aspen – bird relationships in the northern ungulate winter range of the northern Yellowstone ecosystem during June 2001-03. Questions addressed were: (1) Does bird...

  9. Reed Ferris' 1930-1943 bird banding records and bird observations for Tillamook County, Oregon

    This monograph gives a brief biography of Reed W. Ferris and discusses his vocational and avocational work at the Beaver cheese factory in Tillamook County, Oregon. From 1930 to 1943, Ferris banded nearly 33%...

  10. Diurnal bird use of snags on clearcuts in central coastal Oregon

    The effect of snag retention on clearcuts on breeding bird populations was evaluated in the Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) dominated forest in central coastal Oregon. Diurnal bird species on 14 clearcut...