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  1. Bird nest and eggs


    An unidentified bird nest with four eggs.

  2. Apple Bunting


    A brightly colored rendering of a bird perched on a branch. Several pink flowers surround the bird on a background comprised of a blue and purple fern motif. The piece is executed with layers of color through...

  3. Transcription of Vernon Bailey's field notes for his 1909 trip to Lincoln Co., Coos Co., and Curry Co., Oregon with notes...

  4. Three mid-winter bird counts along the Oregon central coast

    The results are given for three previously unpublished

  5. Immigration officers evaded; Chinese starlings spread south


    Manuscript that ponders how and if the Chinese starling would affect local bird populations. Originating from China, the birds have become well known residents of Vancouver B.C. The author comments on where the...

  6. Birds are like people, some are artistically inclined


    Manuscript that focuses on how birds take camouflage into consideration when building nests. Document also comments on how birds' natural coloring is camouflage.

  7. Renting houses for songs and birds everyone should know


    Document that contains two manuscripts. The first is on the subject of housing for birds, including bird box homes. The second is primarily focused on swallows.

  8. The intelligence of birds


    Manuscript that marvels at how birds adapt and seem to remember their environment. Author remarks on the difference in behavior of birds when they perceive danger.

  9. Open seasons on game birds


    Article discussing length of hunting seasons for game birds, including ducks and band-tailed pigeons. Submitted to the Oregon Journal newspaper.

  10. Sea birds


    Manuscript in which the pursuit of photographing sea birds is discussed. Appears to be the same trip featured in "Study of sea birds."