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  1. Records of bird skins collected along the Oregon coast

    In spite of imperfections, this monograph is useful in locating bird

  2. Oiled birds : how to search for and capture oiled birds at Oregon intertidal areas

    This is written primarily as a step-by-step guide for the person(s)

  3. Review : bird predation of juvenile salmonids and management of birds near 14 Columbia Basin dams

    Bird predation of juvenile salmonids and/or bird predation control are reviewed for 14 of the 18

  4. A guide to the bird notes of Grace McCormac French of Yamhill County, Oregon

    This monograph gives a brief biography of Grace McCormac French (1881-

  5. Reed Ferris' 1930-1943 bird banding records and bird observations for Tillamook County, Oregon

    This monograph gives a brief biography of Reed W. Ferris and discusses his vocational and avocational work at the Beaver cheese factory in Tillamook County, Oregon. From 1930 to 1943, Ferris banded nearly 33%...

  6. Incidental bird records at SW 9th street in Newport, Lincoln County

  7. An incomplete compilation of Oregon Coast pelagic and beached bird records through 1983

  8. Incomplete listing of Oregon bird records in A. C. Bent's life history series

  9. Birds of Lincoln County, Oregon

    "Range Bayer, editor ; Sally Booth, illustrator ; prepared by Yaquina Birders." Gives directions to local birding areas, a checklist of Lincoln County birds, lists accidental and offshore species, and gives...

  10. Transcription of Vernon Bailey's field notes for his 1909 trip to Lincoln Co., Coos Co., and Curry Co., Oregon with notes...