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  1. Oregon State Game Commission Statement of Expenditures Game Bird Propagation 1948

    Abstract -- None

  2. Synopsis of the Game and Fish Laws of the State of Oregon, 1915-1916

    Abstract -- None

  3. Oregon Hunting and Angling License Agents

    Abstract -- Locations of license agents in Oregon, including ODFW offices, that sell Hunting and Fishing Licenses, Angling Tags, Controlled Hunt Applications, Game Bird Validations and Permits, Hunting Tags,...

  4. Management Plan Thompson Valley Reservoir 1986

    Abstract -- Thompson Valley Reservoir is an irrigation impoundment on Silver Creek in Lake County. It is located within the Fremont National Forest approximately 15 miles south of the town of Silver Lake. The...

  5. The Oregon Conservation Strategy, 2006

    Abstract -- State and federal agencies, as well as other organizations, have developed and led many plans during the years to guide conservation of Oregon's fish and wildlife and their habitats. Most of these...

  6. RBFAT Database of Fish Passage Barriers

    Abstract -- The Rogue Basin Fish Access Team (RBFAT) is a sub-committee of the Rogue Basin Coordinating Council formed to address the first of the Council's seven priorities: Fish Passage. The initial phase of...

  7. Deschutes, Little Deschutes and Metolius Master Plan for Angler Access and Associated Recreational Uses 1969

    Abstract -- This basin is located in the north central part of the state and drains an area covering nearly 11 percent of the state . The Cascade Mountains range on the west, lava plateaus lie to the south, and...

  8. ODFW Sage Grouse Areas of Population Richness (2000 - 2015)

    Abstract -- This file is the result of completing a kernel density estimation (KDE) process using the 2000-2015 average of the maximum male attendance at each complex (complex = 2 or more leks within 1 mile of...