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Climate Change

Climate Change

Source: Erica Fleishman

Climate change refers to long-term change in global or regional climate patterns, especially a change in the average atmospheric temperature. Changes in Oregon's climate are affecting the state's natural and human systems.

The Oregon Climate Change Research Institute (OCCRI) engages in research and outreach on climate change and its effects on Oregon

The PRISM Climate Group synthesizes climate observations and develops spatial climate data

The National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) coordinates drought monitoring, forecasting, planning, and information

Articles & Stories

People experiencing a high degree of social vulnerability are also more exposed to wildfires in...
Oregon State University (OSU) website focusing on climate change and featuring oral history...
Article about the 2020 Oregon wildfires and what the future holds for climate change by Abby...
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The 2021 Oregon Climate Adaption Framework (Framework) urges the state to plan for and respond to...

Maps and Tools

The AgRisk Viewer is a tool that helps assess climate risk by commodity type with crop insurance... more

Data Collections

Displays current, projected future, and historical drought conditions in Oregon and the rest of the... more

About This Topic

Development of the Oregon Explorer Climate Change site has been a collaboration among:

OSU Libraries and Press: OSU Libraries and Press engages with the OSU community and the people of Oregon in their pursuit of knowledge. The OSULP partnership with the Institute for Natural Resources supports delivery of information and services related to the protection and management of Oregon's vitally important natural resources through the Oregon Explorer natural resources digital library.

Institute for Natural Resources: The Institute for Natural Resources provides Oregonians with ready access to current, relevant science-based information, methods, and tools for better understanding natural resource management challenges and developing solutions. INR co-manages the Oregon Explorer with OSULP.

Oregon Climate Change Research Institute: The Oregon Climate Change Research Institute (OCCRI) engages in research and outreach on climate change and its effects on Oregon.

The Oregon Explorer Climate Change site was launched on October 12, 2023.