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  1. Low SES Black College Choice: Playing on an Unlevel Playing Field

    In an effort to present a more complete picture of college access and opportunity within the African American community, this study took a closer look at the college choice process for low socioeconomic status...

  2. Use Rights in Fishery Systems

    This paper provides an overview of use rights, that sanction fishers, fisher groups and fishing communities to

  3. Group of students holding papers

  4. Class group photo

  5. School of Business Graduating Class

  6. An Attempt to Find Predictor Variables Which Will Discriminate Between Those Patients Who Seek Aftercare Treatment and Those...

    This is an exploratory follow-up study of the clientele of the Psychiatric Crisis Unit, a short-term, crisis-oriented inpatient psychiatric ward. The main objective of the research was to test the following...

  7. A Survey of Urban Agriculture Organizations and Businesses in the US and Canada: Preliminary Results

    This report summarizes the results of an online survey, conducted during February and March 2013, of 251 groups involved with urban agriculture (UA) projects in approximately 84 cities in the US and Canada....

  8. One-third octave band augmented speech discrimination testing for cochlear impaired listeners

    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a 500 Hz and 3,150 Hz one-third octave band augmentation on the speech discrimination ability of listeners with cochlear hearing impairments. The...

  9. The Tension between Technocratic and Social Values in Environmental Decision-making: An'Yang Stream Restoration in South...

    This dissertation examined the extent to which interests and values of diverse stakeholders were considered through participation-oriented decision-making. It covered the An' Yang Stream restoration case in...

  10. Seaweed value chain: a case study in Pantar Island, Eastern Indonesia