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  1. Use Rights in Fishery Systems

    This paper provides an overview of use rights, that sanction fishers, fisher groups and fishing communities to

  2. Seaweed value chain: a case study in Pantar Island, Eastern Indonesia


  3. Effects of sire breed on growth, feed efficiency, and carcass traits of cross-bred lambs slaughtered at three weights

    This study examined the effects of sire breed and

  4. Mining interpretable human strategies : a case study

    This paper focuses on mining the strategies of problem solving software users by observing their actions. Our application domain is an HCI study aimed at discovering general strategies employed by software...

  5. Labels and its effects on deviance : correlation between internalization and deviance

    In society, labeling can play an important role in how people interact with one another every day. This research focuses on the relationship between internalization and deviance, two important concepts in...

  6. Community Fishing Rights: Some Basic Principles

    Research Paper

  7. Multivariate profile analysis of premenstrual symptomatology

    Data regarding the severity of premenstrual symptoms were

  8. An evaluation of community pharmacists applying the patient centered care approach to ambulatory Oregon Health Plan...

    Purpose: The Purpose of this research was to design, implement and evaluate a patient centered asthma intervention pilot program directed by physicians and administered by community pharmacists to a group of...

  9. Ethnobotanical investigation of 'wild' food plants used by rice farmers in Kalasin, Northeast Thailand

    This is the publisher’s final pdf. The published article is copyrighted by BioMed Central Ltd. and can be found at:

  10. A Value Chain Analysis of Fish Products: Case study from Pantar Island, Eastern Indonesia