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  1. Program of action, Upper Willamette Resource Conservation & Development Project, Oregon : 1974

  2. An analysis of the prerequisites for landowner participation in conservation oriented programs in the Wood River Valley,...

    Before 2002, almost all of the approximately 40,000 acres of land in the Wood

  3. The Oregon Conservation Strategy, 2006

    Abstract -- State and federal agencies, as well as other organizations, have developed and led many plans during the years to guide conservation of Oregon's fish and wildlife and their habitats. Most of these...

  4. Getting Plant Conservation Right (or Not): The Case of the United States

    Effective plant conservation includes addressing basic needs such as information about species distribution and rarity; research, management, education, and training capacity to mitigate threats facing...

  5. Doing ‘Conservation’: Effects of Different Interpretations at an Ecuadorian Volunteer Tourism Project

    This is the publisher’s final pdf. The published article is copyrighted by the author(s) and published by Medknow Publications. The published article can be found at:

  6. ODFW Conservation Opportunity Areas

    Abstract -- Conservation Opportunity Areas were developed for the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy to help identify priority areas for conservation actions that directly benefit wildlife and...

  7. The Fort George Wright District, Civilian Conservation Corps, annual ; 1937

    Gerald W. Williams Collection

  8. The Fort George Wright District, Civilian Conservation Corps ; Annual 1938-39

    Gerald W. Williams Collection

  9. Indoor water use: a guide to water conservation


    Title from PDF caption (viewed on May 10, 2017).

  10. Upper Willamette Resource Conservation and Development Project newsletter; Vol.6 No.1 (March 1974)