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  1. The conceptual development and use of ecoregion classifications

    This thesis explores the genesis of the ecoregion concept,

  2. Oregon Conservation Strategy Ecoregions

    Abstract -- Oregon Conservation Strategy ecoregion boundaries are maintained by the Oregon Department of Fish and WIldlife (ODFW), and are used as a geographic organization within the Strategy to prioritize...

  3. Modeling the Environmental Protection Agency's level IV ecoregions within the Klamath Mountains of Southern Oregon and...

    Ecoregions are regions of relative homogeneity with respect to specific

  4. Ecoregional Analysis of Nearshore Sea-Surface Temperature in the North Pacific

    The quantification and description of sea surface temperature (SST) is critically important because it can influence the distribution, migration, and invasion of marine species; furthermore, SSTs are expected...

  5. Willamette Valley-PugetTrough-Georgia Basin ecoregional assessment

    This assessment is intended to help conservation agencies, planners and organizations direct their resources to the most important places for supporting the ecoregion's biodiversity.

  6. Comparing Ecoregional Classifications for Natural Areas Management in the Klamath Region, USA

    To the best of our knowledge, one or more authors of this paper were federal employees when contributing to this work. This is the publisher’s final pdf. The published article is copyrighted by Natural Areas...

  7. Pacific Northwest Coast ecoregional assessment

    This is an integrated assessment across terrestrial, freshwater, and coastal marine realms. It includes the coast range of Oregon and Washington as well as Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The marine...

  8. An Ecoregion-Based Reference Condition and Classification Scheme for Determining Nutrient Criteria in Oregon Lakes

    The anthropogenic introduction of nutrients to water bodies has been shown to alter the structure and function of natural aquatic ecosystems, yet national EPA lake and reservoir nutrient criteria remain too...

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