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  1. Educators in juvenile corrections : their understanding of the special education process and how it influences their practice

    In juvenile corrections education approximately 50% of the students are eligible for special education services. This dissertation examines Oregon's juvenile corrections educators' understanding of their role...

  2. Evaluation of education libraries for teacher education accreditation

    The purpose of this investigation was to examine the literature in education and library science to determine why standards for education libraries have not been realized, in the light of the specific criteria...

  3. Early childhood education and compensatory education in the Portland, Oregon, Public Schools, 1965-1984

    This investigation had the dual purpose of exploring, in historical perspectives, the academic discipline known as Early Childhood Education and the use of Early Childhood Education as a vehicle for...

  4. Viet-Nam business education; a proposal for development

    This study was an attempt to present a proposal for the development of business education in Viet-Nam. It formulated the philosophy and objectives of business education in Viet-Nam in general both at the...

  5. Preparing the Way for Reform in Higher Education: Drawing Upon the Resources of the Community-at-Large

    Higher education is being asked to pay more attention to student learning and to contribute to the enhancement of the social and economic conditions of the community it serves. As a result, educational...

  6. Correspondence Courses 1964-65

    28 pages

  7. State policy for multicultural education: an inquiry into policy status and administration, 1968-1984

    This study addresses the growth of multicultural education through a policy analysis paradigm. This study focuses on the growth and current status of multicultural education through policy formation, the...

  8. A study to develop a career education component for teacher education students

    This study, dealing with the concept of career education, was

  9. Evaluation of a Merged Secondary and Special Education Program

    If classroom teachers are among the greatest determinant of student learning, then teacher preparation programs have a role to play improving educational outcomes for struggling learners. There are currently...

  10. Education


    The Department of Education (ODE) oversees the education of students in Oregon’s public K–12 education system. ODE became the central agency responsible for the state’s general educational activities in...