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  1. Framing Food Waste: Incentives for Change

    58 pages. A thesis presented to the Department of Environmental Studies and the Clark Honors College of the University of Oregon in partial fulfillment of the requirements for degree of Bachelor of Science,...

  2. Household Food Security and Food Sovereignty : Framing the Future of Hunger and Agriculture

    Globally, agriculture is both threatened by and contributing to the converging, interlinked problems of hunger, malnutrition, climate change, resource competition, and the degradation of natural resources...

  3. Food Justice and Municipal Government in the USA

    This article examines the potential and limits of municipal food systems planning in advancing food justice in the USA. The alternative food movement is growing in response to the recognized problems of the...

  4. AS 07-25-07 Interview with Marie Elliot

  5. Ranching in Lakeview

    This paper focuses on the ranching industry and ranching culture of Lakeview, Oregon.

  6. Lakeview Newcomers: Mexican and Caucasian Perspectives

  7. The use of chicken egg yolk vesicles as a potential food system for juvenile Pacific oysters

  8. Implications of Local and Regional Food Systems: Toward a New Food Economy in Portland, Oregon

    The local food movement in the Portland Metro Region of Oregon is as prevalent as anywhere in the Country. To a large degree this is driven by the Portland Metro area food culture and the diverse agricultural...

  9. AS 07-25-07 Interview with Bernie Burkeholder

    In Bernie Burkeholder’s home in Lakeview, about 9 a.m. We are talking about the Food Pantry that Bernie runs at the Presbyterian Church, and the overall Food Bank/Share/Pantry system in Lakeview.

  10. An assessment of potential uses for robots in food systems

    The purpose of this research was to determine potential job