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  1. CAJ 07-26-07 Interview with Judy Graham

    Judy Graham is the Lakeview school district former superintendent. This inter-view was done at Pacific Pine products, after she retired; she wanted something to keep her going. That is why she is working at...

  2. TN 07-26-07 Interview with Bill Albertson

    Bill Albertson is the son of Leo and Anna Mae Albertson, who live just down the road from him. He is currently married to Carla Albertson and they have three daughters together. This interview was conducted on...

  3. TN 07-25-07 Interview with Roger Linton

    Roger Linton is a newcomer to Lakeview. He and his wife, now live here with their two children. This interview was conducted on a picnic table in between his old house and a house that’s currently being...

  4. PL 07-23-07 Interview with Maurice Lepley

    •Born in 1933

  5. AG 07-20-07 Interview with Steven Stewart

    Date and Time: 20 July 2007, 10:50 a.m.

  6. DV 07-27-07 Interview with Melissa Vo

    Melissa was the most interesting person that I got the opportunity to meet. She is very religious, there were book cases, a piano top, and desktops full of bible books, song hymns, and Seven Day Adventist...

  7. PL 07-26-07 Interview with Jean Bucher

    •Moved to Lakeview 5 years ago.

  8. TN 07-22-07 Interview with Alice Hancock

    Alice Hancock has worked a variety of jobs in her days. Before she retired, she was a school cook at the Union School. This interview was conducted in her living room.

  9. AA 07-23-07 Interview with Janice Wright

    This interview took place on the back porch of her house. It was laid back and she gave me coffee to drink. She was also more interested in asking me questions about who I am than actually getting interviewed....

  10. TN 07-18-07 Interview with Bill Plumb

    Bill Plumb has been working with his wife to run this restaurant for 23 years. This interview was conducted in the restaurant after all the customers have gone.