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  1. AG 07-23-07 Interview with Danielle Callaghan

    Date and Time: 23 July 2007, 1:30 pm

  2. DV 07-18-07 Interview with Melvin Young

    My interview with Melvin young takes places in the sun porch of the senior center where he tends to eat the majority of his meals. Melvin has hearing aids in both his ears but surprisingly it seems as though he...

  3. CJ 07-27-07 Interview with Elvia Roman

    Elvia lives in a large house that looks shabby from the outside, but it is really well main-tained inside – very clean with nice furniture. A few of her kids were home when I arrived, and they entertained...

  4. DV 07-19-07 Interview with Jacquelyn Murphy

    This interview with Jackie takes place at the elderly foster home. Jackie is the only mentally sane patient left at the nursing home she is 81 yrs old and has been living at the nursing home for 5 yrs. She...

  5. CJ 07-25-07 Interview with Ken Kester

    We met at the Commissioner’s office in Lakeview and sat in the hearing room. Ken wore jeans, cowboy boots, and a button-down shirt. He had gray hair that is thinning and he is in good shape. He is soft spoken...

  6. DV 07-23-07 Interview with Carol Brazeal

    Carol is the process of moving and has many things to do today. We met in the sun porch room of the senior center where she had just finished eating lunch. During this interview I felt like a proctor because...

  7. DV 07-26-07 Interview with William Wright

    William is a Korean War veteran. He is very soft spoken and has wild crazy hair. He agreed to be interviewed and it takes place in the kitchen of his home. He paid more attention to the TV that was on in the...

  8. Global sushi: A socio-ecological analysis of the Sicilian bluefin tuna fishery

    xvii, 330 p. : ill., maps. A print copy of this thesis is available through the UO Libraries. Search the library catalog for the location and call number.

  9. The Future of Oregon's Agricultural Land

    Sixty-four percent of Oregon's farmland is expected to change hands in the next 20 years, yet many Oregon farmers are unprepared for succession. Simultaneously, beginning farmers are finding it harder to start...

  10. Exploring the Rationale For and Role of Public Financing for Food Hubs

    Food hubs are a key solution to advance local and regional food systems by providing aggregation, storage, and distribution services to small and mid-sized farmers and thereby help them to access local and...