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  1. Lakeview Newcomers: Mexican and Caucasian Perspectives

  2. CJ 07-23-07 Interview with Deeloris Benson

    Deeloris and I met at her house in Lakeview. She lives in a one-room bungalow (i.e., converted garage). Her house is meticulous and simple. Single bed with a beautiful quit, garden-ing books stacked on the...

  3. CJ 07-25-07 Interview with Norma Gumser

    Norma and I met in her back yard. She was moving wood when I walked in. For 81 years old, she is in great shape. She is a petite woman with curly gray hair and wore pants that looked like pajamas and a bright...

  4. CJ 07-24-07 Interview with Sharon Hiatt

    Sharon and I met at her house and conducted the interview at her kitchen table. I have been staying with her in Lakeview, so we already knew each other pretty well. She wore Capri spandex pants and an oversized...

  5. CJ 07-27-07 Interview with Elvia Roman

    Elvia lives in a large house that looks shabby from the outside, but it is really well main-tained inside – very clean with nice furniture. A few of her kids were home when I arrived, and they entertained...

  6. CJ 07-25-07 Interview with Ken Kester

    We met at the Commissioner’s office in Lakeview and sat in the hearing room. Ken wore jeans, cowboy boots, and a button-down shirt. He had gray hair that is thinning and he is in good shape. He is soft spoken...