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  1. Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector: Is it just another Food Production System?

    Abstract Only

  2. Development of the Japanese Tuna Fisheries: After the "Reduction in the Number of Fishing Vessels (GENSEN) in 1998"

    Research Paper

  3. Fish Marketing and Food Security in Nigeria

    Fish is an important source of protein for the middle-class and elites across Nigeria. The handling,

  4. Critical Success Factors for the Adoption of Traceability Systems in Chinese Seafood Enterprises

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  5. Aquaculture and Food Security - Can Fish Farming Fill the Gap?

    While aquaculture has provided economic and nutritional benefits to millions, there are concerns that

  6. Market Delineation of Finnish Food Market

    Research Paper

  7. The Harmonization of Food Safety and Traceability in Farmed Fish Production, An Example of Grouper Industry in Taiwan

    There is now an increasing demand among consumers for high-quality and safe aquaculture products. However, in becoming an important contributor to the markets for seafood, the aquaculture industry has become...

  8. Willingness to Pay for Seafood Quality Improvement in Taiwan

    Research Paper

  9. Wetland ecosystem-a study on fish-aquatic food crops diversity for enhancing productivity and economic stability for...

    Research Paper

  10. Will Soft-boned Milkfish - a Traditional Food Product from Semarang City- INDONESIA - breakthrough the global Market?

    One of the famous traditional food products from Semarang city is softboned-milkfish (called as bandeng presto). In national level, Bandeng Presto is the trade mark of Semarang City. Bandeng presto are produced...