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  1. School Learning Gardens as Multicultural Hubs for Sustainability: PSU-PPS Food Systems Partnerships in Outer Southeast...

    This presentation focuses on how garden-based learning can have a positive effect on children.

  2. The Theory and Practice of Genetically Engineered Crops and Agricultural Sustainability

    The development of genetically engineered (GE) crops has focused predominantly on enhancing conventional pest control approaches. Scientific assessments show that these GE crops generally deliver significant...

  3. Constructing sustainable agriculture at a Northwest farmer's market: Understanding the performance of sustainability

    xiii, 205 p. : ill. A print copy of this thesis is available through the UO Libraries. Search the library catalog for the location and call number.

  4. Urban Forest Justice and the Rights to Wild Foods, Medicines, and Materials in the City

    Urban forests are multifunctional socio-ecological landscapes, yet some of their social benefits remain poorly understood. This paper draws on ethnographic evidence from Seattle, Washington to demonstrate that...

  5. Aquaculture and Food Security - Can Fish Farming Fill the Gap?

    While aquaculture has provided economic and nutritional benefits to millions, there are concerns that

  6. Measuring the Longitudinal Effects of Food Carbon Footprint Training on Consumers: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavioral...

    Although the supply chains through which foods are produced, processed, and transported can have a significant impact on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, consumers are largely unaware of how their food choices...

  7. The Harmonization of Food Safety and Traceability in Farmed Fish Production, An Example of Grouper Industry in Taiwan

    There is now an increasing demand among consumers for high-quality and safe aquaculture products. However, in becoming an important contributor to the markets for seafood, the aquaculture industry has become...

  8. Measuring the Effects of Food Carbon Footprint Training on Consumers

    The supply chains through which foods are produced, processed, and transported can have a significant impact on the environment in terms of the carbon dioxide (CO2) that is emitted during each of these phases;...

  9. Sustainable Sustenance

    Website produced for HC 441: Science Colloquium: Energy in Transition, Robert D. Clark Honors College, University of Oregon, Fall Term 2011.

  10. Globalization and the Sustainability of Human Health: An ecological perspective

    The last half-century has seen momentous and accelerating changes in humankind's economic activities, political relations, and social and demographic profile. A prominent feature of this change is the...