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  1. AS 07-25-07 Interview with Marie Elliot

  2. AS 07-25-07 Interview with Bernie Burkeholder

    In Bernie Burkeholder’s home in Lakeview, about 9 a.m. We are talking about the Food Pantry that Bernie runs at the Presbyterian Church, and the overall Food Bank/Share/Pantry system in Lakeview.

  3. CAJ 07-28-07 Interview with Ora Temple

    I met Ora Temple in a bar and asked if we could set up an interview. He agreed and we eventually got together at the Lionesses BBQ. He’s not a big talker, but he is charming. We interviewed while I was...

  4. TN 07-18-07 Interview with Aimee Davidson

    Aimee Davidson is the youngest of three daughters of Bill and Carla Albertson. She currently lives down the street from her parents and is married to Ryan Davidson. This interview was conducted outside, on her...

  5. CAJ 07-29-07 Interview with Vicki Huck

    This interview was conducted in the community center in Paisley. It was after the Pancake breakfast and raffle, people were cleaning up. We had walked by Vicki How-ard’s garden several times, and just admired...

  6. CAJ 07-25-07 Interview with BJ DeWitt and Sandi Johnson

    I heard that this mother and daughter team duo made a cookbook so I tracked them down and they agreed to have an interview. It was at their house around 5 p.m. be-fore their dinner time at 6. They are really...

  7. CAJ 07-25-07 Interview with Kathy Nyquist

    We met at the Gathering Place at 10 AM. She was 60 and fit and pretty. She was a newcomer and just moved here 3 summers ago. I knew her because her friends is my host grandmother. I just knew I had to meet the...

  8. PL 07-00-07 Interview with Alyssa Smith (PSEUD.)

    •Food Services Manager at Warner Creek Correctional Facility.

  9. PL 07-15-07 Interview with Maxine Meyers


  10. PL 07-19-07 Interview with Jim Spence and Anita Spence

    •They moved here from CA 6 years ago.