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  1. Food systems in the Marys River region and reinhabitation

    Reinhabitation is an approach to building local cultures and economies within industrial

  2. Planting Prosperity and Harvesting Health: Trade-offs and Sustainability in the Oregon-Washington Regional Food System

    This assessment reveals food system sustainability trends in Oregon and Washington, focusing specifically on the producers in both states and the consumers in the Portland- Vancouver region. We began the...

  3. The Lane County Food Policy Council and Re-framing Food Security

    x, 131 p. A print copy of this thesis is available through the UO Libraries. Search the library catalog for the location and call number.

  4. School Food in Lakeview

    This paper explores the school food system in Lakeview, Oregon and the consequences of the community's changing economic status.

  5. Analyzing the Foodshed: Toward a More Comprehensive Foodshed Analysis

    Foodshed Analysis is a tool used by researchers to measure the feasibility of providing more local food to a community. That there are economic, environmental, and societal benefits provided by eating locally...

  6. Bringing Food Systems Home:

    Examining committee: Robert Parker, chair; Michael Hibbard

  7. Parsing the Palate: A Mixed Methods Analysis of the U.S. Food Advocacy Network

    The U.S. food system is afflicted by a variety of social, ecological, and economic predicaments including hunger, food access inequalities, soil and water degradation, and lack of community control over food. ...

  8. Reclaiming space for small scale agriculture in Lincoln County, Oregon

    As recent interest has grown in the connections between how food is produced, distributed and consumed, and the overall health of food systems for people and the environment, a movement toward localizing food...

  9. The Role of Food Banks in Local Food Movements: Advocating Access for Low-Income Populations and Promoting Policy Change

    The professed economic benefits of local food systems for communities and small farmers, along with mounting recognition of the contribution of current food production practices to global climate changes has...

  10. The Food System and the Lake County Ethnographic Field School

    Powerpoint presentation includes findings of a summer 2007 anthropology class (Ethnographic Field School - ANTH 499/599) that did ethnographic field work on food and eating habits of residents of Lakeview,...