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  1. Strategies for Supporting Frontline Collaboration: Lessons from Stewardship Contracting

    47 p.

  2. Analyzing the Impacts of Collaborative-Based Recreation Management in Oregon's Black Rock Forest

    Examining committee: Richard Margerum, chair, Max Nielsen-Pincus

  3. Forestry program for Oregon


    This document sets forth the Board of Forestry's strategic vision for Oregon's forests for the next eight years

  4. Assessing collaborative opportunities on the Willamette National Forest

    24 pages

  5. A quick guide for incorporating collaboration into the Watershed Condition Framework

    4 pages

  6. Combined Collaborative Governance Approaches: A Case Study of the Blackfoot Community Conservation Area in Western Montana

    The Blackfoot Community Conservation Area (BCCA) was created in response to a degrading natural environment coupled with a weakening community. The BCCA is a community owned 5,609-acre forest located in the...

  7. The Forest Field Program : a case study in forest education for Latino youth

    This study involved the development of two bilingual and inquiry-based forest education programs within the Central Willamette Valley of Oregon. The first program used the participatory research (PR) process to...

  8. Analyzing a collaborative approach to forest management planning on the Evitts Creek Water Company Property in Bedford...

    Graduation date: 2016

  9. TEK and tribal-federal collaboration : three case studies in the western United States

    The goal of this research is to understand factors influencing the use of TEK in

  10. Collaborating for Healthy Forests and Communities: A Guide for Building Partnerships Among Diverse Interests

    This field guide is a companion to the video program Collaborating for Healthy Forests and Communities: Building Partnerships Among Diverse Interests. The video showcases on-the-ground experiences of federal...