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  1. Empirical Guidelines for Forest Management Decision Support Systems Based on the Past Experiences of the Expert’s Community

    Aim of the study: Decision support systems for forest management (FMDSS) have been developed world wide to account for a broad range of forest ecosystems, management goals and organizational frameworks (e.g....

  2. Federal forest-fire policy in the United States

    Forest-fire policy of U.S. federal agencies has evolved from the use of small

  3. Managing woody biomass transportation for improved biomass economics

    With rising fuel costs and enhanced environmental concerns, the use of renewable energy has been steadily considered and widely expounded as a solution to the challenges of global energy security and climate...

  4. Barriers and opportunities for increasing landowner participation in conservation programs in the interior Northwest

    20 pages

  5. Jackson County : Community wildfire protection plan

    216 pp. Bookmarks modified by UO. Includes maps. Adopted June 2006. Captured February 12, 2007.

  6. AI - Fish Habitat Assessment in The Oregon Department of Forestry Elliot Study Area

    Abstract -- A collaborative project between the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) was initiated to synt hesize aquatic habitat and fisheries information...

  7. A quick guide for planning a quality jobs program

    3 pages

  8. A Regional Biodiversity Monitoring Framework

    A draft monitoring framework that identifies the pieces of a technical plan for biodiversity monitoring, collaboration, and information sharing. The draft sets out to define some general parameters that will...

  9. Community Wildfire Protection Plan : Sunriver, Oregon

    Sunriver Community Wildfire Protection Plan, March 25, 2005

  10. Managing our urban forest : what do officials and managers think and need? A case study from the Portland-Vancouver...

    Urban forests are fundamental to the health and sustainability of urban communities. In 2012, the U.S. Forest Service launched the Vibrant Cities, Urban Forests: A National Call to Action initiative which posed...