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  1. The Roles of Leadership Committees in Forest Collaborative Capacity

    The organizational capacity of natural resource collaborative groups can be an important factor in how effective they are at meeting their goals. This brief reviews the leadership committees of five forest...

  2. Oregon’s Forest Collaboratives: A Rapid Assessment

    Oregon leads the U.S. in the number and extent of established collaborative groups on national forests. Understanding similarities and differences in Oregon’s current forest collaboratives may aid more...

  3. Formalizing decisions: A case study on collaborative zones of agreement

    We conducted a case study of the process for developing ZOA created by the Blue Mountains Forest Partners (BMFP), a collaborative group established in 2006 and focused on the northern portion of the Malheur...

  4. Aspen Restoration and Social Agreements: An Introductory Guide for Forest Collaboratives in Central and Eastern Oregon

    Collaborative Regional Learning This document is part of a forest collaborative regional learning project on aspen restoration and social agreements. Thanks to all the individuals, collaborative groups, and...

  5. Science and collaborative decision-making: A case study of the Kew Study

    Diverse stakeholders and land management agencies are increasingly working together in “forest collaborative” groups to meet ecological, economic, and social goals on Oregon’s public lands. Many...

  6. Illinois Valley timber sustainability assessment

    The Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative (SOFRC) has developed a pragmatic, integrative assessment of forest restoration need and opportunity for federal forests in the Rogue Basin. This assessment,...

  7. Exploring Roles for Scientists and Simulation Models in Collaborative, Science-Based Ecosystem Restoration

    The U.S. Forest Service’s Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program

  8. The Rogue Basin action plan for resilient watersheds and forests in a changing climate

    Editors: Gwen Griffith, Toby Thaler, Alyx Perry, Todd Crossett, and Ray Rasker. Prepared in Cooperation with: George McKinley, SOFRC Executive Director. Ken Wearstler, USFS Climate Change Coordinator, Kerry...

  9. Resilience in Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration: The Lakeview Stewardship

    Congress created the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP)

  10. Teaching writing within Forestry

    In 2005 faculty in the Northern Arizona University School of Forestry initiated a project to replace the required sophomore-level writing course taught by the English Department with a new course, “Writing in...