Forest Collaboratives

Forest Collaboratives


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  1. No One Cares What Color The Fire Truck Is: A Case Study of Interagency Cooperation In Fire Management in Central Oregon


  2. Production possibility frontiers and socioecological tradeoffs for restoration of fire adapted forests

    Appendix A. Supplementary data available online at:

  3. Federal forest-fire policy in the United States

    Forest-fire policy of U.S. federal agencies has evolved from the use of small

  4. How We’ve Rebuilt : Collaboration, Community, Institutions, and Adaptation Following Catastrophic Wildland Fire in the...

    In the study of rebuilding and recovery after natural disasters in the United States, little attention is paid to understanding how and why people rebuild following recurring, small-scale events, like wildfire....

  5. Fire prevention working group

    Using the existing ODF program as a guide, this report will stress the importance of