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  1. Water Resources Planning and Development in Jordan - Problems - Future Scenarios - Recommendations

  2. Flow-Solute : A Tool for Exploring the Effects of Nitrogen Management in Alternative Future Scenarios

    Surface water quality is a growing concern in the Willamette River Basin and elsewhere. The region's growing population is dependent on the availability of clean water for drinking water, irrigation, wastewater...

  3. Open Space as an Armature for Urban Expansion: A Future Scenarios Study to Assess the Effects of Spatial Concepts on Wildlife...

    Urbanization is one of the biggest threats to biodiversity. To address this problem, landscape planners have increasingly adopted landscape ecology as a theoretical basis for planning. They use spatial concepts...

  4. Water Resources Planning and Development in Jordan: Problems, Future Scenarios, Recommendations

  5. A high-resolution study of tides in the Delaware Bay: Past conditions and future scenarios

    The article is copyrighted by American Geophysical Union and published by Wiley-Blackwell and can be found at:

  6. Exploring the Impacts of Climate and Management on Coastal Community Vulnerability through Alternative Future Scenarios

    Coastal communities throughout the U.S. Pacific Northwest face heightened risk due to sea level rise and increasing storminess resulting in coastal flooding and erosion hazards. Incorporating uncertainty with...

  7. Simulation of vegetation and hydrology for climate change analysis of a mountain watershed

    Climate change is expected to have both direct and indirect effects on water

  8. Technology Roadmap Through Fuzzy Cognitive Map-Based Scenarios: The Case of Wind Energy Sector of a Developing Country

    In this research, a national-level wind energy roadmap is developed through scenario planning. Multiple future scenarios are developed using the fuzzy cognitive maps (FCM) approach. This research has extended...

  9. Modeling the effectiveness of riparian restoration on stream shading in the Clackamas River Basin

    Rivers and streams within the Clackamas River Basin are not currently meeting water quality standards in terms of temperature. The Clackamas River Basin Council (CRBC) designed a restoration program to address...

  10. Evaluation of Management Strategies in Ningaloo Marine Park, Western Australia

    The spatial, multi-species nature of coral reef fisheries makes them notoriously difficult to manage. We