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  1. Oregon Conservation Strategy Habitats

    Abstract -- This dataset represents the extent and distribution of the habitats prioritized within the Oregon Conservation Strategy. Strategy Habitats are identified by ecoregion, and as such are only mapped...

  2. AI - Stream Habitat Conditions in Western Oregon, 1999

    Abstract -- The physical habitat of a stream forms the template from which the biological community can develop. The structure and complexity of the stream habitat influences the species composition,...

  3. Wildlife habitats in managed rangelands : the Great Basin of southeastern Oregon

  4. ODFW Western Oregon Deer and Elk Habitat including Winter Concentration (2015)

    Abstract -- This document addresses two species of deer (Columbian black-tailed deer: Odocoileus hemionus columbianus and Columbian white-tailed deer: Odocoileus virginianus leucurus) and one species of elk...

  5. Habitat selection by nesting Swainson's hawks : a hierarchical approach

    The habitat relationships of Swainson's hawks in

  6. Aquatic Habitat in Oregon Coastal Streams: Winter, 1999-2001

    Abstract -- We compared summer and winter aquatic habitat conditions to determine patterns of seasonal habitat dynamics for coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch). Winter sites corresponded to summer sites,...

  7. Floodplain Habitat Metric: User’s Guide

    The metric is encompassed in two documents, this Floodplain Habitat Metric User’s Guide

  8. The Effects of Tide Gates on Estuarine Habitats and Migratory Fish

  9. ODFW Habitat Restoration T-Test Results - Coastal Coho 1998-2003

    Abstract -- Results of T-Tests comparing either pre-restoration instream habitat conditions to post-restoration habitat conditions or post-restoration conditions to reference conditions.

  10. Bull Trout Habitat Distribution

    Abstract -- Oregon Resident Fish Habitat Distribution. These data describe areas of suitable habitat believed to be used currently or historically by wild, natural, and/or hatchery fish populations. The term...