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  1. Implementing the Economic Stimulus on National Forests: Using Hazardous Fuels Reduction to Create Local Jobs

    2 p.

  2. The Influence of Market Proximity on National Forest Hazardous Fuels Treatments

    The US Department of Agriculture Forest Service's focus on hazardous fuels reduction has increased since the adoption of the National Fire Plan in 2001. However, appropriations for hazardous fuels reduction...

  3. Sawmills, biomass facilities, and hazardous fuels reduction : does location matter?

    2 pages

  4. Cost-effective hazardous fuels reduction and biomass utilization : a case study from Wallowa County, Oregon

    2 pages

  5. The business and employment effects of the National Fire Plan in Oregon and Washington in 2001

    38 p.

  6. Job Growth and Loss Across Sectors and Time in the Western US: The Impact of Large Wildfires

    The link between economic growth and natural hazards has long been studied to better understand the effects of natural hazards on local, regional, and country level growth patterns. However, relatively little...

  7. Woody Biomass Use Trends, Barriers, and Strategies: Perspectives of US Forest Service Managers

    The use of woody biomass is being promoted across the United States as a means of increasing energy independence, mitigating climate change, and reducing the cost of hazardous fuels reduction treatments and...

  8. Economic effects of large fires : application to the Cold Springs fire

    3 pages

  9. The economic effects of large fires : main findings

    2 pages

  10. Adopting stewardship contracting : lessons from four national forests

    4 pages