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  1. Health, well-being, and financial self-sufficiency of low-income families in the context of welfare reform

    The Personal Responsibility and Work Reconciliation Act of 1996 brought

  2. An analysis of the relationships between self-preceived occupational stress, reported health status, sex-role socialization,...

    The purpose of this study was to examine the responses to a mail

  3. Application of an ecological model to dairy product consumption behavior among eighth graders in Taipei, Taiwan

    Calcium is important to bone health as well as related to a number of health problems

  4. The effect of physical activity on sleep in children with autism

    Sleep is an active process that affects an individual's daily functioning and

  5. Vitamin E and the alpha-tocopherol transfer protein during zebrafish embryogenesis

    Vitamin E was first described in 1922 as an unknown factor required for impregnated rats to carry their offspring to term. In fact, when vitamin E was chemically characterized it was given the name "tocopherol"...

  6. Understanding school bullying and workplace abuse in a Taiwanese context

    Bullying prevents its targets from enjoying a safe, stress-free living, learning, and working environment. For most children, bullying experiences will be merely unpleasant childhood memories. This remains the...

  7. Interrelationships among attitudes toward and practice of nutrition and health of prepaid health plan members

    Interrelationships among attitudes toward and practice

  8. Effects of Positive Action on the Emotional Health of Urban Youth: A Cluster-Randomized Trial

    This is an author's peer-reviewed final manuscript, as accepted by the publisher. The published article is copyrighted by Elsevier and can be found at:...

  9. Facilitators and Barriers to Contraceptive Use among College-Age Latinas:

    This study explored factors that affect acquisition and proper use of contraception

  10. A Comparative Study between Mental Health of Homeless Populations in the United States and Spain

    Many people around the world suffer from a mental illness, and too few receive the help they need. Mental illness is especially prevalent among the homeless. Homelessness is represented in all ages,...