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  1. The impact of children with chronic health problems on marriage

    The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of having a child with a

  2. Factors affecting farmworkers' injuries due to use of pesticides in the United States and their relation to reentry time...

    More than 2.3 billion pounds of pesticides with a value of $4.1 billions

  3. An evaluation of a water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) program for rural communities in northern Afghanistan

    The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector of international development works to increase access to sustainable, safe water and improved sanitation. Currently, at least 780 million people live without...

  4. The structural relationship among gender role conflict, social support and health behavior in older men

    Inquiry into the cause of men's premature mortality has been historically framed in a biological deterministic perspective. This research takes an alternative view whereby the possible interactions of...

  5. Comparative analysis of factors influencing participation in an employee health promotion program, including...

    With rapidly rising health care expenditures, health care cost containment has

  6. An evaluation of well-water nitrate exposure and related health risks in the Lower Umatilla Basin of Oregon

    Excessive nitrates in drinking water pose a human

  7. Health knowledge competencies and essential health skills of entry level college freshmen enrolled in Oregon's research...

    The purposes of the study were to: 1) evaluate health knowledge competencies,

  8. Worksite health promotion programs : thirty-four case studies

    Thirty-four current worksite health promotion programs were

  9. Health Insurance Coverage and Commercial Fishing in North Carolina

    Commercial fishing is generally hazardous, but some types of commercial fishing are more dangerous than other types. Since much of the fishing industry is composed of small family-owned businesses, commercial...

  10. Multiple Sclerosis and Wellness : How Self-Compassion Influences Physical Activity and Health-Related Quality of Life