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  1. Potable Ground Water in The Gaza Strip (1987-1994)

  2. An analysis of the relationships between self-preceived occupational stress, reported health status, sex-role socialization,...

    The purpose of this study was to examine the responses to a mail

  3. Application of an ecological model to dairy product consumption behavior among eighth graders in Taipei, Taiwan

    Calcium is important to bone health as well as related to a number of health problems

  4. Exploring the Positive Utility of Travel and Mode Choice

    Why do people travel? Underlying most travel behavior research is the derived-demand paradigm of travel analysis, which assumes that travel demand is derived from the demand for spatially separated activities,...

  5. The effect of physical activity on sleep in children with autism

    Sleep is an active process that affects an individual's daily functioning and

  6. Vitamin E and the alpha-tocopherol transfer protein during zebrafish embryogenesis

    Vitamin E was first described in 1922 as an unknown factor required for impregnated rats to carry their offspring to term. In fact, when vitamin E was chemically characterized it was given the name "tocopherol"...

  7. Measuring Stress in Captive Bonobos: A Look to the Past and Future to Improve Methods

    Understanding stress in primates has wide ranging implications. It impacts how we understand human stress from an evolutionary perspective and how captive and laboratory primates are kept to best impact their...

  8. Pragmatism and environmental problem-solving: A systematic moral analysis of democratic decision-making in Butte, Montana

    xii, 167 p. A print copy of this thesis is available through the UO Libraries. Search the library catalog for the location and call number.

  9. Understanding school bullying and workplace abuse in a Taiwanese context

    Bullying prevents its targets from enjoying a safe, stress-free living, learning, and working environment. For most children, bullying experiences will be merely unpleasant childhood memories. This remains the...

  10. Interrelationships among attitudes toward and practice of nutrition and health of prepaid health plan members

    Interrelationships among attitudes toward and practice