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  1. Water Crisis in Al-Fujayrah Termed Grave

  2. Agriculture, Diet, and Empowerment: Understanding the Role of Community Gardens in Improving the Health of Oregon's Urban...

    Across the United States, organic gardens are being used to improve community development and develop civic agriculture programs for minority populations, including Latinos. Huerto de la Familia (Family...

  3. Finance Minister's Budget Statement

  4. Biological considerations for a new approach to regulating genetically modified crops in the United States

    The debate over GM crops is one of the most controversial issues of recent decades. The debate has many dimensions, including environmental impacts, benefits and risks to human health, intellectual property...

  5. Source Water Protection in a Climate of Change: Perspectives from a Publicly-Owned Utility

    Presented at The Oregon Water Conference, May 24-25, 2011, Corvallis, OR.