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  1. Barriers to Biking for Women and Minorities

    The health benefits of bicycling are well understood; numerous studies link increased cycling activity with improved health outcomes. Research suggest that the cycling behavior most likely to generate broad,...

  2. Hilltop Planning Workshop Team

    "Oregon Health & Science University Night Access Plan"

  3. Physical and Environmental Features that Contribute to Satisfaction with Hospice Facilities

    Improving the quality of remaining life for individuals who are terminally ill and their families is an issue that has become increasingly important in recent years. This issue has evolved from perceived...

  4. Evaluation of Transportation Microenvironments Through Assessment of Cyclysts' Exposure to Traffic-Related Particulate Matter

    It is well established that vehicles powered by carbon-based fuels (e.g. gasoline, diesel) have a negative impact on air quality, especially in urban centers. Traditionally, air quality conformity studies...

  5. Overlooked Density: Re-Thinking Transportation Options in Suburbia, Phase II

    Comprising over 9 million units in this country, suburban multifamily housing is a widespread and overlooked example of density located within walking distance to commercial development in suburbia. This report...

  6. Do TODs Make a Difference?

    In this report, we present research that measures the outcomes of TOD areas in relation to their metropolitan area controls with respect to (1) jobs by sector; (2) housing choice for household types based on...

  7. Rerouting Mode Choice Models: ​H​ow Including Realistic Route Options Can Help Us Understand Decisions to Walk or Bike

    For a number of reasons—congestion, public health, greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, demographic shifts, and community livability to name a few—the importance of walking and bicycling as transportation...