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  1. Religion and Infant Mortality in the United States: A Community-Level Investigation of Denominational Variations

    A burgeoning body of scholarship has explored the influence of community-level religiosity (religious ecology) on various health outcomes. In this study, we enlist data from the Glenmary Census of Churches,...

  2. Religion and Infant Mortality in the U.S.: A Preliminary Study of Denominational Variations

    Prior research has identified a number of antecedents to infant mortality, but has been focused on either structural (demographic) forces or medical (public health) factors, both of which ignore potential...

  3. Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Desire for Reversal of Sterilization among U.S. Women

    Purpose: Female sterilization rates and subsequent desire for reversal of the procedure are substantially higher in minorities, low-income women, and those who use public insurance. Despite the disproportionate...