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  1. Health Insurance Coverage and Commercial Fishing in North Carolina

    Commercial fishing is generally hazardous, but some types of commercial fishing are more dangerous than other types. Since much of the fishing industry is composed of small family-owned businesses, commercial...

  2. Broadening the Scope in Fisheries Governance with a Wellbeing Lens

    Abstract only

  3. Crowd Sourcing to Mitigate the Climate Change effects on Small Scale Fisheries in Sri Lanka


  4. Dagaa Fishery: The Unknown Wealth of Lake Victoria

    The paper discusses contribution of dagaa Rastreneobola argentae fishery to Tanzanian economy. It uses data from two studies conducted in Lake Victoria as well as literature retrieved from Fisheries Division...

  5. Assessing Micronutrient Deficiency As Part of Meeting Millennium Development Goals for Fish Growing Households in Vietnam and...

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  6. Societal cost for best fishing practices and efficient public policies for the Senegalese coastal demersal fishery

    Abstract only.

  7. Seafood Market-Series As Fishing Pressure indicators for An Eaf: A Historical Multispecies Analysis of the São Paulo...

    Abstract only.

  8. Optimal Multispecies Harvesting Targets in Biologically, Technologically, and Temporally interdependent Fisheries

    Abstract only.

  9. Artisanal Fisheries in Senegal-Landing Sites As Engines for Local Development

    No poster available.

  10. IIFET 2012 Conference Program

    This is the final conference program grid and reflects the changes due to speaker availability.