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  1. Long-term Outcomes of Military Service in Aging and the Life Course: A Positive Re-envisioning

    To the best of our knowledge, one or more authors of this paper were federal employees when contributing to this work. This is the publisher’s final pdf. The article is copyrighted by the author(s) and...

  2. SpiroLongTermOutcomes.pdf

  3. SpiroLongTermOutcomesErratum.pdf

  4. SpiroLongTermOutcomesAppendix.pdf

  5. SpiroLongTermOutcomesAppendixB.pdf

  6. Differing Pathways between Religiousness, Spirituality, and Health: A Self-Regulation Perspective

    This is an author's peer-reviewed final manuscript, as accepted by the publisher. The published article is copyrighted by the American Psychological Association and can be found at:...