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  1. Effects of pre-sowing soil treatments on root colonization of 1-0 ponderosa and lodgepole pine seedlings by...

    Healthy-appearing 1-0 ponderosa and lodgepole pine seedlings were assayed for root infection

  2. Diseases associated with whitebark pine seedling production, USDA Forest Service Nursery, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

    Whitebark pine is an important reforestation

  3. Effects of preplant soil treatments on Fusarium and Trichoderma populations and fungal root colonization of 2-0 nondiseased...

    Preplant soil treatments were implemented to determine effects on populations of potentiallypathogenic

  4. Succession functions of forest pathogens and insects : ecosections M332a and M333d in northern Idaho and western Montana ;...

    We analyzed the effects of pathogens and insects on forest succession in the absence of