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  1. Long-term Outcomes of Military Service in Aging and the Life Course: A Positive Re-envisioning

    To the best of our knowledge, one or more authors of this paper were federal employees when contributing to this work. This is the publisher’s final pdf. The article is copyrighted by the author(s) and...

  2. SpiroLongTermOutcomes.pdf

  3. SpiroLongTermOutcomesErratum.pdf

  4. SpiroLongTermOutcomesAppendix.pdf

  5. SpiroLongTermOutcomesAppendixB.pdf

  6. Examining multidimensional resilience in at-risk adolescents

    The bulk of resilience research has focused on developmental outcomes in a single domain of functioning (e.g., academic achievement), overlooking the complex interplay of positive and negative developmental...

  7. A qualitative analysis of clinical records from a trauma response program for families exposed to violence

    This dissertation is a qualitative secondary content analysis of clinical records collected for the Spokane Safe Start Project in Spokane, Washington, a program designed to offset trauma in children exposed to...