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Human Population Dynamics

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  1. Population Outlook for the Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan Area

    This paper offers an overview of population dynamics in the metropolitan Portland-Vancouver area--describing current trends for population growth in its counties; the effect of births, deaths, and migration on...

  2. A spatial model for studying population dynamics of the California Mojave Desert tortoise

    A spatially explicit population model written in C++ programming language is used in

  3. What's romance got to do with it? Sexual health outcomes of relationship dynamics among urban African American adolescents

    Urban African American adolescents exhibit high levels of risk behavior, disproportionately high rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and are at risk for acquiring Human Immunodefiency Virus (HIV)....

  4. Prevention of Human Trafficking: A Review of the Literature

    A review of the literature pertaining to human trafficking reveals that human trafficking is a difficult crime to detect and prevent. Human trafficking involves the trafficking of human beings for the purpose...

  5. Indirect effects of fishing on predators and their prey

    Predators are fundamentally important for regulating and driving prey population dynamics as well as structuring ecological communities. Over-exploitation of marine resources has caused dramatic depletions of...

  6. Population Environment Dynamics Project

  7. Population and Food Dynamics - a Caloric Measurement in Egypt

  8. Emerging infectious disease in lentic environments : the ecology and biogeography of the amphibian chytrid fungus...

    Biodiversity losses in terrestrial, freshwater, and marine systems are accelerating at a global scale and the most threatened vertebrate taxa are those associated with freshwater habitats. The causes of...

  9. Population dynamics of the cinnabar moth, Tyria jacobaeae (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)

    The dynamics of a field population of the cinnabar moth, Tyria

  10. Social-Ecological Dynamics of Coral Reef Resource Use and Management

    This dissertation investigates social and ecological factors that facilitate effective management of coral reefs as social-ecological systems. Meta-analytical and field-based methods were employed to examine...