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  1. A spatially explicit method for determining the effects of watershed scale land use on stream conditions

    The primary goal of this research was to identify the impacts that individual

  2. Land-use problems of the Miami River drainage Tillamook County, Oregon

  3. Summary of ... land use legislation


    Ceased with 1999.

  4. Final report on ... land use legislation


    Began with 2013.

  5. How have land-use regulations affected property values in Oregon?

    This study examines the ways in which land-use regulations in general and Oregon’s

  6. Research and Development of a Land Use Scenario Modeling Tool

    Oregon Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Transportation Planning and Analysis Unit (TPAU) developed a land use modeling tool called the “Land Use Scenario Developer in R” (LUSDR). LUSDR is a modeling...

  7. An Activity-Related Land Use Mix Construct and its Connection to Pedestrian Travel

    Integrating a diverse set of land use types within a neighborhood is a central tenet of smart growth policy. Over a generation of urban planning research has heralded the transportation, land use, and public...

  8. Land use planning

  9. Land use planning in Clatsop County, Oregon

  10. Land use planning in Lincoln County, Oregon