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  1. Forest land use in Oregon

  2. An Oral History of the Visions and Intentions Behind Oregon's Land Conservation and Development Act:Senate Bill 100

    Examining committee: Michael Hibbard, chair, Wes Kvarsten, Mitch Rohse

  3. Current and Future Land Use around a Nationwide Protected Area Network

    To the best of our knowledge, one or more authors of this paper were federal employees when contributing to this work.

  4. Continuous Data Integration for Land Use and Transportation Planning and Modeling

    There is an urgent need for improved models that address the interdependencies between land use and transportation, and considerable new work is underway to develop such models in Oregon and elsewhere. These...

  5. Report of Eastern Oregon Public Land Use Committee


    Title from PDF caption (viewed on July 11, 2017).

  6. Land use distributions and changes in the Willamette Valley in relation to soil characteristics

    A study was undertaken in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, to document

  7. Land Use Planning Information for the Citizens of Oregon

    This white paper seeks to provide facts about the history of land use planning in Oregon while

  8. Spatial patterns in land use and water quality in the Tillamook Bay Watershed : a GIS mapping project

    No publishing date on piece.

  9. Land Use Framework Element of the CRAG Regional Plan

    The Land Use Framework Element is an element of the Regional Plan pursuant to Regional Objective II and to Section 3 of the Rules Adopting and Implementing the CRAG Goals and Objectives.

  10. 3.2 Land Use